A Few of my Favorite Things … An Ode to Minneapolis/St Paul = Verse 2 Resources

As promised, there is just too much goodness in MPLS/St Paul for 1 blog, here’s verse 2!!


Up and coming Financial PlannerSara Smit Juran is a former colleague and brave new business owner. She set out from Target with a dream to help professional women with their financial health. She is smart, direct and cares about helping.

Established Financial Planner GEN Financial has been my financial partner for 20 years and were invaluable as I made the leap from Target into the unknown job search market. THANK YOU!

Career Coach – Karen Kodzik and Cultivating Careers helped me think through my job transition approach, craft a new resume, update my LinkedIN, develop a networking plan and be smart about my job search. She is also on my board of advisors.

Job Transition Networking GroupMichael Sunnarborg and the White Box Club meet every other Wednesday morning and its been great to learn/share along with others on my journey. In fact, next weeks session will be VERY relevant, join us (& see the next bullet point)

Personal Brand/Website support – Jim Fellows is the mastermind behind not only the technology but also the messaging on this site. He keeps me honest on my message and grammar AND … he’s the guest speaker at next weeks White Box Club meeting. (I wish I had a website to like you to but … the shoemakers kids dont have shoes, you’ll just need to come to the meeting!)

Community ConnectionsPollen is my new favorite information medium, its edgy, smart, bold and I love everything about it! They focus on building community through story telling as well as post events and opportunities (jobs, volunteering, events, etc). Later this spring I am going to help think about how they can expand their market reach into the corporate sector. If you haven’t already, subscribe!


Immigrants – The current immigrant challenges concern me as 3 of the most important people in my world are immigrants. Thank god for Jimmy, Kay and Billy Murphy, they are the light of my world, they light up the world and I have no doubt they will change the world. (and I’m lucky to be their mom!)

Paraprofessional – My husband Tom is on his 3rd career manifestation and its the most fun – by far! He is a para at our school (Meadowbrook) and looks after the 3rd graders. He loves the kids, his coworkers and administration. The kids love him too and on a daily basis he come home with notes, drawing and cards from the kids. As Ivy says – “Mr Tom is the best Tom”. I couldn’t agree more!

Self Awareness Reminder – Jane at Continuum Center has been a welcome reminder in my life that I choose my attitude which then determines my aptitude. I’m reminded to breath deeply, set my intentions, put my energies towards them and then let go of the outcome. Simple, but not easy and a daily practice.

PsychologistBarb Krantz Taylor and I met when I was taking the psych assessments during the recruitment process prior to the holidays. We connected and I very much appreciate the time and energy she has taken to make sure I understand my results and weave them into my goals. She has become a great cheerleader and I feel so blessed that she’s interested and invested in my journey. Its nice to have good people on your side!


Coffee Shop – I have been going to a LOT of these lately and here are 2 of my favorite – The Depot in Hopkins is a local hidden gem that supports arts, bikes and kids. They have live music and a funky vibe. Seward Cafe is living their believes, they pay a living wage to their staff (no tipping) and are local/organic. Plus its a great renovated space.

Radio Station – 89.3 The Current – all my favorite music growing up and today along with new favorite music I don’t even know I love yet. They are part of what makes the Twin Cities great and I streamed them for 2 1/2 years when living in Toronto. Plus, they introduced me to my new favorite artist….

Lizzo – She’s a local power house who’s hitting it big and gets played a ton on The Current. Good as Hell and Worship me – listen – ‘nuf said.

Street – University Avenue – holy cow, this is mecca for students, cafes, nonprofits, coffee shops, micro brews – its got it all going on!

Golf Course Brookview is pushing the boundaries of a traditional golf course and I love it. Its a public space and they have added a huge outdoor fire pit, bocce ball and bean bag toss. They also have wide tire bikes to rent in the winter along with a disc golf course. Nikki and I frequently walk the course after a big snow. She loves being off leash, chasing ducks and its good to hike through fresh snow with no one around. In the summer you can play sling golf and mountain bike your game (use a mountain bike to carry your clubs). They even have outdoor movies in the summer. Just watch out, they make strong gin/tonics. And … On Thursday nights in the winter….

Thursday Night Neighborhood FunTrivia Mafia is at Brookview on Thursday nights in the winter. Its SO fun, the drinks are cheap and the food is good. Plus, its damn hard. Come with a group to maximize the number of right answers you get.

What did I miss? What are you favorite things this winter? Yeah Minneapolis St Paul!!