About Tracy


My Life

I'm most proud of my marriage of 20+ years and my three phenomenal children.  My husband, Tom and I have worked hard together, both on our relationship and being partners in raising our children!

I am also very proud of my 25+ years of work with Target Corporation and the success and innovations that were created during my time there!


The Next Chapter

One of the core principles that I have exemplified to our children is "We are responsible for our community!" With family and through work, I've been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer for many wonderful causes.

The next chapter involves doing even more to promote the causes I believe in.  I want to take my skills that helped Target achieve new innovations and organizational structures and apply them full time to a non profit in need.

My Experience

I love working on hard problems, with smart people, to find the best sustainable solution for all.

The 1st 13 years of my career can be described as traditional merchandising focused on; inventory management, supply chain, assortment planning and negotiations. I learned a ton and contributed significantly to Targets bottom line.

The 2nd 13 years of my career I applied those learnings to create new opportunities for Target (both sales growth and expense reduction).

My expertise became operationalizing enterprise strategies. This includes being part of an elite group of leaders (3) that were asked to take on multiple expat assignments, launching new initiatives and teams by understanding the people, process, data and technology needed to make a strategy successful and then putting the right metrics in place to measure success.

Financial Accountability

  • Managed P&L's up to $600m with gross margin rating 12-40%
  • Led technology initiatives up to $375m

Cultural Experience

  • Grew Target India from 200 to 2000 team members during an expat assignment in Bangalore 2006-2009
  • Led inventory management efforts for Target Canada including opening 3 distribution centers and launching 3 major systems implementations in Toronto from 2012-2104

Service Leadership

  • Founded the Target Volunteer Council in both Bangalore and Toronto, this group was focused on creating 2-4 volunteer experiences, in the community, for our employees every month
  • Led the Diversity Action Committee for both Financial Retail Services (our credit card business) as well as for our strategy team. This included providing training, coaching and opportunities for authentic dialog on current issues

Strategic Initiatives

  • Directed the planning, rollout and launch of 5% Rewards in 7 months
  • Led our eSourcing platform initiative; this included creating processes of integrity that respected our business partners while creating an efficient and automated process to get bids from multiple partners