Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


[expand title="Do you miss Target? Was it hard to leave?"]Not in the least, I knew I had to make space for my next adventure.   Target taught me so much about solving hard problems alongside really smart people, I loved every minute of it and that experience will set me up for future success where I can make a more direct impact.[/expand]

How can I help?

There are many ways to help:

  • Volunteer at one of the organizations I'm involved in
  • Contact me to discuss how we might work together
  • Connect me with innovative, forward thinkers in the nonprofit sector
  • Be kind, ask questions and spread love
  • Help me find connections in organizations that have open positions that I am interesting in pursuing
  • Cheer me on !!

How are you doing?

I'm amazing! This change has given me so much hope and energy, I feel like I'm finding my tribe and life's work.


Who's on Team Tracy? (otherwise known as, do you have help?)

I am blessed with a deep, rich, smart, diverse and engaged group of friends and coworkers that have rallied behind me and are supporting me as I move through this journey.

They advise, coach, council, sponsor, mentor, question, challenge and basically keep me on my path.

They are ....

Maureen Warren - Chief Family Services Officer at LSS, BSM alumni and amazing sponsor for me over the last year. Maureen has helped me get on the CHS Finance Committee, introduced me to Jodi Harpstead and I'll be working with her on a new business development project for LSS, we kick off next week!

Jill Hardy Heath - President and CEO of The Heart of America Foundation, former Targeteer, former nonprofit consultant and good family friend. Jill has given me great insight into the CEO recruitment process and helps me think about how to translate my Target experience into nonprofit "speak".

Jane Hopkins Gould - Currently staring in a new role and has held every major nonprofit CFO role in the Twin Cities. We serve on the Crisis Nursery Board today and she is my newest recruit to Operation Tracy.

Steve Kowalke - CFO at Sherwood Forest (a nonprofit consulting company) and former Treasurer at Target, plus fellow adoptive parent of amazing kids from South Korea. Steve has given me so much to think about, connections to pursue (Maureen!) and encouragement to follow my passion.

Tom Murphy - COO of the Murphy Household and life partner. Tom supports me in ALL I do and if the 1st person I go to on a good day, bad day and all the in-between days. Plus he gives great advice and council on whats best for us, as a family.

Dan Haugen - President Alder Graduate School and former Executive Director of Neighborhood Involvement Program. Dan is husband to my long time friend and co-worker Karrie and has been in this business a long time. Great resource for the context of where nonprofit is today.

Jim Fellows - My personal brand and digital guru. Jim has been instrumental in this journey in helping me formalize my vision/values, setting up my website, creating the messages I want in the world and being a editor extrodinaire on my blog posts. And, he played guitar in our wedding and is Jimmys godfather.

Karen Kodzik - Karen is my career coach and owner/founder of Cultivating Careers. She is an amazing source of knowledge and advice on career moves and really "gets" the sector shift I'm making. She keeps me accountable, on track and puts up with my crazy.