Mid Blog Crisis

We’ve all heard of mid-live crisis’s, I’m in the middle of a mid blog crisis.

When I started this website and blog, I was at the very beginning of a HUGE life change. I was consciously moving from a 26 year career in a corporate role into a brand new career in nonprofit. I knew that I didn’t have all the experience and skills that I needed to be successful in this new career, but I also knew that I had talents and learnings that I could apply in my new sector.

However, I was baffled about how to get that message across in a resume or on my LinkedIn. Fortunately, I have a good friend (Jim Fellows) who is a branding, marketing and website guru. He pushed me to create this website to share all of who I am and give context and depth to the question “why do you want to move into the nonprofit world?”.

It was hugely successful! This site became my calling card. I invited people to read it in advance of my networking meetings and shared my journey of being in job transition through my blog updates. It was so fun to see what I was experiencing help other people in their job search as well as help people get to know me fairly quickly. I knew my audience (fellow job seekers, nonprofit leader and potential hiring organizations) and I had my message (making a career change is hard work but also incredibly rewarding and fun if you enjoy the process).

Now, I’ve been in my new role 18 months, my website is over 2 years old and I’m wondering…what next? What is my purpose for this website and blog now? How can I continue to use it to share my experiences but who’s my audience? What’s my message? I do feel inspired to continue to write and share my journey. But I’m stuck and I’m sure that my blog posts have been lacking a consistent theme or message. And, I’m sure its not as impactful as it was in the past.

A bit of the magic is missing. I want to get the magic back but I don’t have any answers. So…I started to ask a few key trusted friends. What do you see as valuable in my posts? Who do you think is my audience? How can I continue to share my journey in a way that feels authentic and creative?

And, I got some great ideas including….

~ Could my be a platform to raise up emerging women leaders; be a “real” example (warning?) of how to integrate your personal and leadership journey ? Having learned the hard way, I’d love it if my experiences helped someone else do more, move faster or be more confident. (humbling advice from Jim Fellows)

~ Could my blog focus on my evolution as a nonprofit and community leader and wife/mother; what am I learning as I grow? There is a ton of material here since I am learning everyday and its definitely cathartic to reflect on and write about what I am learning. (great coaching from Karen Kodzik)

~ Could I allow myself the luxury to follow where my interest leads and not worry too much about whether it will resonate with an audience? As I write about the answers I’ve found for myself, then others can decide if there’s a message there for them. (wonderful insight – and phrasing – from Angela Lawson)

What do you think?  What would you do?  Looking to learn from others and…help me get the magic back!