The Future Looks Bright!

Our future…

These kids are our future and they are amazing!

Given how much time I spend driving to/from Taekwondo practice as well as weekends away for tournaments, I spend a fair amount of time with these 3 kids. If they are even the slightest representation of future generations, I’m humbled and excited.   Let me break them down for you…

They are …

Multicultural: representing strong American, African, Italian and Korean heritage

Hardworking: 1st degree black belts in Taekwondo working towards their 2nd degrees – section testing at the end of June!

Competitive: finishing 1st & 2nd in their age/weight groups on a regular basis

Multilingual: Spanish spoken here!

Collaborative: acting as each other’s coaches and biggest fans at tournaments, not to mention pushing each other to get better at every practice

Dedicated: earning good grades while attending practices 5-6 days a week

Fierce: not only do they NOT back down during their sparring competitions (all have had bloodied lips and noses) but they also never give up when faced with learning something new, whether it’s a new form or a new subject in school

Creative: playing guitar, violin and keyboard along with writing and producing a play with their friends

Resilient: adoption, co-parenting and parents serving in the military are part of their life stories

Compassionate: they are loving siblings at home while knowing how to broker what they need

Continuous Learners: each attends a different school, is in a different grade and has a different core set of school friends yet they help each other with homework and talk about their favorite parts of school (yes, gym ranks high on that list)

Funny: without offending, they know how to tease each other, have fun and be silly

Goal Oriented: nerves are high prior to each competition as they have their sights set on doing well at state and making it to Nationals (all are going to Nationals this July!) not to mention an opportunity to compete at the US Open

Loving: hugs, cuddles and kisses on the cheeks are a frequent occurrence with their parents (I was even wished a Happy “Other” Mothers Day by both of them!)

Different: for all their similarities, they have very different personalities and passions .. basketball, photography, animals and acting – to name a few!!

Teachers: everyday they remind me and teach me to embrace ALL of these qualities as well as push myself to be the best person I can be

I love these 3 so much. Am I right?! The future looks bright!!!