This -> I want this – >

I am fascinated by the Olympics and this year is no exception. I wish had more time to watch but when I do, I’m sucked into the stories, accomplishments, beauty and pure mastery of these athletes and Wednesday night was no exception but it was a bit different. I watched pairs free skaters, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford from Canada and I all could think was … I want this –>

Watching Meagan skate was so inspiring, not just because she’s an amazing Olympic athlete but because of her presence and energy. Go back and watch. She was pure joy, despite a few minor errors.

Her performance was….


And, she enjoyed every minute.

She wasn’t worried about the mistakes. You can tell she worked her butt off to get to where she is at and, rather than become overwhelmed with the pressure … was absolutely present and in that moment. She enjoyed EVERY moment of her time on the ice. As she should! Its the OLYMPICS for g-d sake!! Her smile said it all and was contagious.

I want that. I want to work hard and enjoy the results. In the moment. Without fear of failure. Knowing I am performing to the best of my ability. Having fun. Creating beauty. Celebrating my strength. Owning my expertise. Being contagious to those around me.

Don’t we ALL want that?!

Congratulations Meagan and Eric on your bronze medal. You inspire me!!