What would you do if you knew you COULDN'T fail?

What Would You Do if You Couldn’t Fail?

What would you do if you knew you COULDN’T fail? For me the answer is … pursuing a 2nd career in nonprofit.

10 years ago I set out to do some heavy duty soul searching, focused on, what I wanted to leave as a legacy at Target and as a leader. It kept coming back to … nurturing people through times of profound change.

I have been blessed to have had amazing opportunities  to serve in that capacity at Target in Minneapolis, Bangalore and Toronto.

However, I knew my end goal was to make a bigger and more direct impact on the communities I live in. So, I’ve spent the last year researching, networking and expanding my nonprofit service through board leadership and volunteerism.

While I don’t have a position secured (yet), I believe it’s time to put my beliefs in action and put myself out there so that this can happen! My last day at Target will be Monday 10/17 as I head into this scary and exciting new adventure.

My goal is to be able to make a meaningful impact in the children and family services sector in a fast growing, mid to large size organization as a VP of operations or COO and where I can leverage my unique skill set while learning from experienced leaders.

LinkedIn friends – I’m going to be leaning on you to help me do that! Send me leads, connections, advice, support and … most importantly, advocate for me as you hear of opportunities.

I wouldn’t trade 1 minute of my 26 years at Target. It’s an amazing place with amazing people, around the world.

Here’s to new adventures!


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