Why we do what we do….

It’s that crazy time of year when the kids go back to school, Tom starts back to work full time and my whole schedule gets flipped on its head.  It also my busiest month of the year for work conferences and nonprofit board charity events.  I feel like I need to use every single minute of every single day very wisely in order to get it all done.  And, many days, (most days?) my only focus is getting what I need to do done before I fall in bed exhausted.

When I am this hectic, its easy to forget the “why” behind what I do and I get overwhelmed by the “what”.  That just adds to my exhaustion.  Fortunately, the universe conspired to remind me just when I need it most.

So, what are those reminders and what’s my “why”?  I’ll give you a few examples …

~ At the end of August, our Mount Olivet Rolling Acres Glee Club and dance troupe celebrated the end of their season with a performance at McPhail. I have met B on a number of occasions, but I have NEVER seen him like this. Normally he’s quiet, reserved and watches everything that’s happening around him.  Not at this performance. Bob was in rare form.   He was dancing, on stage, with unbridled joy.  Jumping and twisting with a HUGE smile on his face.  However, he was still B, still watching what was happening around him when he noticed that one of his friends, A, wasn’t participating.  A had a bit of stage fright and was standing very still with his back to the audience.  B went over to him, took his hands and danced with him.  It was pure magic.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days.

~ Family dinners at our house are sacred.  Everyone (aka: the kids) puts down their phones and we eat together. Every night. Even if dinner doesn’t happen until 9pm, we sit down and eat.  Even if its just for 10 minutes, before homework, dishes, laundry, lunches for the next day, etc… we eat together as a family.   While most of these are your typical rushed family dinners, occasionally they are something much more.  Last week, was one of those times. We were having Korean (the kids favorite) and the kids were rehashing the 1st day of school.  They were excited about their friends and classes, teasing each other about their sports teams, talking about mutual friends they have and sharing their “crushes”.  The kids were carrying the conversation, having fun together and the happiness was palpable.  Tom and I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of it.

Seeing people be their best selves.  Providing a safe space for others to be brave and fully present. Making a connection, in the moment. These are all my “why”’s and they all grow out of love and gratitude.

That’s the trick, isn’t it?  When things are overwhelming ….to remember the “why”.  Its simple, but not always easy. However, I also know its my biggest source of energy and motivation.

What’s your “why”?  How does it fuel you?