Word of the Year …

January at MORA is all about reconciling the last year and planning for the next year.  We reconcile our books, write reviews, plan our workload … you know, the same thing that everyone else does personally and professionally in January.

This year, a few people have declared a ‘Word of the Year’ that they are going to strive for, live by and use as a mantra. Its started with “Slay” and has expanded to …. Productive, Super Bowl Skol, Bigley, Change, Relax, Groovy and… the 2 I added – Yet and Enough.  However, we could put a dozen more words on this list – Believe, Change, Health, Fitness, Peace, Forgiveness, Support, Happiness … you get the idea.

I’m having a hard time deciding on my word.  On one hand, I LOVE enough, especially in 2018.  As in … I’ve had enough. I’m good enough. Is there enough? What is enough?  Thats enough! So many ways to use this word.

On the other hand, considering the changes we are going through at MORA and my learning curve, I thought we should bring in a growth mindset, hence the word – yet.  Can we do it? Not yet.  Are we finished? Not yet.  Putting yet on the end of almost any statement gives hope and the potential for more.  LOVE that too!

So, I decided to do what everyone else does and look back at last year for clues.  At this time last year, I wrote a blog about my goals for 2017. (Work In Progress)

The gist was, I was going to focus on…

  • Listening
  • Being vs Doing
  • Being Present
  • Saying Yes

I was going to do this specifically by…

  1. Giving myself permission to watch stupid (but fun) TV
  2. Putting down my phone to really listen and be with Tom and the kids
  3. Find times to say Yes to the kids (ice cream runs, quick stops at Starbucks, Pho for Kay …)

So, how’d I do?  If I had to grade myself, I’d say…

  1. A – I am TOTALLY caught up on The Middle and Modern Family. Have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones or This Is Us and I’m cool with that.
  2. B – We do eat dinner as a family 6 nights a week and it’s a no phone zone, so that feels good but we were doing that before this blog. Now, its hard to get THEM off their phones and paying attention to us other times of the day. The tables have turned!  Teenagers….
  3. C – I have managed a few date nights with Kay for Thai food and Pho.  Billy and I have had some great weekend trips with his Taekwondo plus he/I went to see Star Wars.  And we splurged on a MacBook Pro for Jimmy for Christmas (it was his only gift and he’s been on it none stop since he got it).  However, every day I miss moments for the little “yes-es”; 15 more minutes before bed time, etc.

Given all this, I think I’ve made my decision. I’m going with Enough. I’m trying, making progress and its good enough.

But then again, maybe it should be YET.  I haven’t seen This Is Us – yet.  I haven’t gotten them to pay attention and put down their phones in the car, before bed, when they wake up – yet.  I haven’t said Yes – yet.

Dang, this is hard.  Weigh in … which is it? The year of “Enough” or the year of “Yet” ?