You are here ….

Thought I’d give an update on where I’m at, similar to the information board at the mall with the ‘you are here’ star; helping me understand where I am so that I can figure out where I’m going. Or as Steven Wright says, “I have an existential map. It has ‘You are here’ written all over it”.  That’s how I feel right now… It’s been a crazy (but fun) few weeks with networking, job search, projects, the holidays, vacation, etc.

Starting at the top …

Networking  – Its been amazing! I’m meeting 10-15 new, like minded people a week. They have great ideas, insights and connections to share and I feel like I have been able to help them as well. I’ve connected a good friend to new consulting opportunities, found a new speaker for another friends speaker series and acted as a referral and reference for coworkers in the job hunt process. Feels good to be busy and I LOVE making these connections! There are so many well intentioned smart people in this world.

Projects – My project work with LSS, Pollen and Jeremiah are moving along (see my monthly updates in the Causes section of this blog). In addition, I’ve been asked to be 1 of 5 mentors in a pilot for the Leaders United program within the United Way. Its a 6 month program that connects midlevel corporate managers with nonprofits that need skills based help.  The goal is that both parties get learning, growth and new insights.  The kick off is in late January and I can hardly wait!

Job Search – Leading up to the holidays, I was fortunate enough to be considered for a very big role in an amazing organization.  It was my 1st experience with an executive search firm (LymanDoran, they are wonderful!) and the process moved really quickly. In 3 short weeks I had …. my screening interview, an in-depth interview with LymanDoran, 2 interviews with the search committee on the Board, 3 online assessments and a psych evaluation through The Bailey Group (another impressive organization).  I also researched the h-ll out of the functional space, leveraged my network of friends/peers to get ready/organized and prepped for the interviews, even creating a 30/60/90 day learning plan should I have gotten the role. It was so gratifying and fun to immerse myself in this new space and process. Naturally, I got excited about the organization’s culture, mission, board and clients they serve. The board is amazing; pragmatic, creative and really committed to getting the right leader to move the organization forward through all the change that is coming in that sector. However, I learned that while I was 1 of 2 finalists, I wasn’t their final choice. I was disappointed.  I could picture myself working there, making a difference and being part of really big change.  However, I also felt really proud that I had made it so far down the process and it was validating to know that I can compete for big roles in the nonprofit space.  My goals are do-able!  In the meantime, I hope I created positive credibility around my leadership style and skill set.  AND, I have 7 new connections that know what I am seeking and understand what I can offer. So, while this opportunity didn’t work out, it was a great learning and has prepped me for the “right” opportunity.  And, I’ll be their biggest cheerleader when they announce their new leader and the changes that are coming.  Its all good stuff!!

Vacation – I took off the full 2 weeks the kids were out of school. This included celebrating Christmas, my son’s 12th birthday and traveling to Costa Rica to see my sister and entire family for a once in a lifetime adventure.  My sister and her boys have lived in Costa Rica for 16 years.  While my family has visited sporadically and separately, we’ve never all traveled together on a holiday.  There were 17 of us including 9 kids (7 of which were boys). It was fun, hectic, stressful, relaxing and an amazing life experience to share as a family. It was also good to get away and get a bit of perspective,I want to make sure I’m headed in the right direction for the right reasons. But, feeling a bit of the adage … I need a vacation after my vacation.

Now, I’m back at it. I have a laundry list of ‘to do’s’ for the start of 2017; amazing people to connect with, projects that are getting real and exciting and new organizations to research that weren’t previously on my radar. Also excited that new roles will open up with the start of the new year and I’ll be able to put my newly flexed interview skills to work in the near future.

All is good.